Flag Lines – Draw attention and Demarcate your area

Also known as string flags or Flag Lines, bunting can be used at any type of indoor & outdoor event. The array of flags on a singular line draws attention to your brand. Flag Lines is the branding accessory that complements and completes your display stand.

Flag Lines is popular at Indoor & outdoor events such as marathons and flea markets. The string flags can be suspended across two structures to demarcate a specific area, as well as to draw attention to a specific area of interest.

Uses for Flag Lines:

•    Sports events
•    Showrooms
•    Trade shows

Flag Line

Flag Line

Flag line when placed at strategic locations throughout the retail store or the event ground, hanging mobiles and flag lines keep your product or message within sight and in the mind of your target audience. 

Our eye catching hanging mobiles and flag lines hype up the promotion anywhere, any time.